The card of ace- WHAT IS APM?

The concept of APM was established decades ago. However, it needs to be advanced by powerful data science capabilities that are purpose-built to solve industrial-scale problems. The current confluence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) — beside the emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), big data and machine learning — has given life to the next generation of APM software that capitalizes on these areas of opportunity. It has the power to link asset management and maintenance methods keeping the entrance of predictive capabilities possible which was otherwise unattainable.


APM financially optimizes maintenance programs. It analyses the historical performance data to recognize the trends and prevent unplanned downtime. Preventive Maintenance helps run the industry smoothly and also increase the performance lifetime of machines. APM makes sure that all the industrial assets are accessible whenever required. It maximizes their uptime, minimizing delays caused by failures and reducing any operational setbacks.

The generation of sensor-based technology and data collection copulated with databases of deep industry knowledge, critical asset behaviors, and failure modes now make it feasible to deliver financially optimized business outcomes.


Flexible integration: AI-driven management solution can seamlessly integrate with every process historian found in the global market. On-demand insights: Interactive, easy-to-use dashboards and alerts are obtainable anywhere, granting extended mobility.

Deep analysis and intelligence: The AI-powered solutions can effortlessly connect to multiple data streams to generate actionable insights on the costs, risks, and latent efficiencies to deliver optimal performance.


In the competitive world, it’s extremely essential to partner up with an APM 4.0 provider. Because on the path of growth, optimizing asset maintenance strategies and increasing operational performance is highly crucial. However, despite the financial shots that APM 4.0 solutions can help unhitch, various industrial companies are yet to benefit the technology entirely. For those that are or want to Tvarit AI is there to assist to make them swiftly attaining an edge over the other competitors.

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