Although both being different areas of potential, the intersection of AI and Energy - although still in its infancy - holds immense promise. Today, one of the most assuring slants of artificial intelligence lies in its capability to look ahead of the curve.

An extended push for energy efficiency, renewable energy technology - along with the developing digitalization movement and a universal carbon pricing structure - would race up the carbon-free future and the growth of a global middle class we perilously need.

Thankfully, we have Artificial Intelligence at our disposal

1. Forecasting the weather

A key issue identified with renewable electricity is its inconsistency. The weather can be cloudy, and subsequently, windless afternoons will cut production and can create power shortages. Also, too much energy can be generated on a sunny, windy day producing more renewable electricity than required.

The compilation of data from energy production- weather data including temperature, cloud cover, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and wind direction can be evaluated for effective power planning.

2. Smart maintenance

Wind turbines require consistent and minute maintenance which is a hard task. Industry 4.0 can build autonomous drones with real-time Artificial Intelligence-supported analysis that can be primarily used to carry out effective and efficient inspections of wind turbines. Also, Predictive Analytics can be employed to forecast any possible damage to minimize downtime.

3. Customized Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are relatively complex electro-mechanical systems; their smooth functioning is an important economic factor. Therefore, monitoring and diagnosis of wind turbines and wind farms have gained extreme importance in the past years. To solve the same, Turbines can be installed with dynamic fault limits that will be situation subjected and can be customized for each turbine. The historical data can be analyzed to identify the interesting trends for further modifications and improvement.

One study estimates that a good predictive model can increase the power generating capacity of a wind farm by about 10%, which practically revitalizes the entire business. Wind Energy and Artificial Intelligence are undoubtedly our future. Therefore, its indispensable that these two industries shake hands to revolutionize and solve the critical energy issue.

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