Business Meeting


A team is the cog which completes the circle of our 3 Ts. We're a diverse set of individuals associating to design the wheel which will lead the change. We are not an organization, we are an organism - Alive and kicking, Changing form, Breeding concepts, Spreading happiness, Setting up special units for special requirements. Partnering with those who wish to do things uniquely.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build scalable and sustainable AI solutions which are assistive and provide actionable insights allowing manufacturers to do what they love - efficient productions. We are rooted to give one simple solution to make any work easier, smarter and upgraded.

Our Culture

How do you change the world? Bring people together. Where is the easiest place to bring people together? In the work environment. Therefore we consistently strive to create the healthiest environment where our team can innovate, learn and grow without any push and pull. We cater to the needs of our employees with utmost affection as they belong with us. We care because you do.

Our Team

Creating something unique to solve someone's problem is a fascinating feeling. Industry 4.0 has always been run by intellectual, enigmatic and dedicated professionals who push their limits to break through the technical walls. Wearing the armor of skill, these knights never fail to impress. Machine learning, time series databases, CI/CD tooling, coding, are a few of their weapons. If the same fire of passion burns inside you, you're welcome onboard. Remember, we've always been waiting for you.