Seminar & Workshops

Sharing knowledge can seem like a burden to some but on the contrary, it is a reflection of teamwork and Team. With the same belief and fire, we are always eager to assist you in whatever manner possible. Tvarit AI with its team is looking forward to answering all your queries.


We hold a plethora of seminars both for those interested in technical and non-technical fields.A few of them are

Non-Technical Seminars

  • Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Manufacturing Industry
  • AI vs Globalization: How would AI not replace humans but will assist
  • Role of AI in Industry 4.0
  • Use cases of AI in Manufacturing
  • How AI fits into the value chain of Industry 4.0
  • On-site & Remote software consultancy

Technical Seminars

  • Achieving AI via Machine Learning (ML)
  • Ways of formulating ML problems in the context of Manufacturing
  • Kinds of data coming from Manufacturing plants
  • ML Algorithms for tabular, text, audio, image data
Also, we hold multiple workshops.

Machine Learning Applied

  • Why does pre-processing matter? - Building ETL pipeline
  • Tree based algorithms
  • Neural Networks for text data, time series data, images, video processing

Machine Learning Research

  • Reducing hyperparameter tuning time
  • Utilizing Transfer Learning for scaling up

Integration with PaaS

  • Building a machine learning pipeline using AWS Sagemaker
  • Predictive Analytics using Microsoft Azure ML PaaS

Chatbots and Automated Ticket Responding System

  • Auto responding using computational narrative intelligence: Chatbots
  • Tree based algorithms
  • Neural Networks for text data, time series data, images, video processing

Big Data

  • Migrating big data into Hadoop
  • Running distributed pipeline using Spark

Frankfurt Indian Scholars Association(FISA) organised a Talk-cum-Workshop in coordination with Consulate General of India (CGI) in Frankfurt.

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Tvarit The Team
We’re based out of Frankfurt Germany having the perfect team composition - a German founder bringing vast know-how of machinery coupled with high-quality software expertise of the Indian founders.