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Quality Prediction

Predictive analytics has already been shining high and bright with the merging of Industry 4.0 in custom businesses. With the collection of big data, it can easily forecast whether a product requires how much material input with high precision, maintaining certain quality standards and cutting operational costs. Also, even the minute defects can be detected. As an industry, it is important to focus quality efforts on those points in the process that are most critical in determining the final product quality. AI does the same for you in minimal time. Therefore, we at Tvarit AI, are consistently developing high end products to assist your business and make it simpler and upgraded.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a maintenance strategy driven by predictive analytics. The solutions we develop are used for detecting failure patterns or anomalies, but are only deployed when there is high probability of imminent failure. This helps in deploying limited resources, maximizing device or equipment uptime, enhancing quality and supply chain processes, and thus improving the overall satisfaction for all the stakeholders involved. It can be implemented in any industry be it construction or pharmaceuticals. We at Tvarit AI, offer various services for the same to make your business simpler and upgraded.

Supply Chain

The potential of AI enhancing everyday business activities and strategies hasn’t just sparked the interest of people and organizations globally, but has initiated rapid implementation. When it comes to SCM, AI does the same. You can create chatbots for operational management, create autonomous smart vehicles, forecast the delivery time, best delivery task and operational costs, anything which makes SCM efficient. McKinsey estimates that firms could gain $1.3 trillion to $2 trillion a year from using AI in supply chain and manufacturing. Undoubtedly, when cost can be cut, efficiency and productivity can be increased,demands can be forecasted, and customer experience can be enhanced, no true businessman wants to stay back.

Asset and Inventory Management

Conventionally, asset management revolves around the concept that a business has physical assets that it owns and uses to finance and run its operations. To minimize wastage and restrain costs, the company must have a distinct knowledge of its assets and of processes to manage and renew them as they depreciate with time. However, with the rise of Industry 4.0, Asset and Inventory management are one of the hotshot applications of Advanced Predictive Analytics. For instance, we worked with a truck company and gave them a predictive algorithm to predict the truck's requirement for a backup battery. Tabulating and analyzing data of fuel consumption, distance covered, average speed, Tvarit AI's software forecasted the need for a backup battery. A single backup battery costs 7890 USD and is not retrofittable on every truck. The smart software cut their operational costs and refined their inventory.

Intra-plant Logistics

Headways in technology have eventually led to a remote workforce; it can also be stated that humans no longer attend the purpose they once did, especially in manufacturing. With the evolution of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, autonomous intra-plant logistics in factory settings are the new trend. Automated machinery which is devoid of human interference and can do some heavy lifting, shifting and transporting without any supervision is being widely used. Having great precision and high safety statistics, this technology is expected to hold more substantial grounds in the global manufacturing market. Applications are also anticip

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