As attention seeking as it sounds, each connected vehicle is liable to generate more than 25 gigabytes per hour as numerous cloud-based services come online. Why? Honestly because these fancy connected cars frequently stream data into the cloud from infotainment systems, telematics systems, smart IoT sensors, and all other smart services making them such a big powerhouse of user data. The key to managing this deluge of data lies in vehicle data analytics — and predictive analytics, in particular.

Predictive maintenance intends to distinguish vehicle maintenance issues before they happen. Predictive data analytics can forge significant relationships that would be tough for a human to notice using and connecting data from warranty repairs with current vehicle sensor data. It's obviously an intelligent and faster way to do things.

Below is the market size of predictive maintenance globally, in all industries. It is noticeable that automotive holds a big share in it

Oil, spark plug, fuel filter, and coolant fluid changes are the major concerns in vehicle maintenance. All are essential to keep an engine working. Auto technicians state that around 2 million engines are repaired, restored or substituted each year.Taking the preventive maintenance steps will help ensure the reliability and security of your car, and they'll also aid increase gas mileage.

Coming to the heavy statistics, an average car is designed and built to run for approximately 100,000 miles, over an average of 16 years and serve four to five different owners. It also claims that regular service and maintenance can extend the life of a vehicle by 50%.To further revamp the statistics, with the continued alliance of technology, gauges and valves will be substituted with a digital interface that supports for over-the-air updates, indicating owners don’t have to leave their driveways for routine car maintenance. This is other terms will introduce remote servicing.

With a wide range of application, predictive aptitude isn’t just restricted to cars and personal vehicles. The trucking industry is already contemplating a related drive powered by sensor technologies and IoT that permits companies to watch data to warrant truck safety, fuel optimization and even monitoring of cargo.

Why should you be interested in? Well, because eight out of ten automotive companies are currently working on predictive maintenance projects to improve the cost-performance ratio of products, equipment, and systems. Predictive analytics use in the automotive industry is forecasted to be a profitable market. Therefore, to keep up the edge, its crucial to partner up with Advanced Predictive Analytics and gear up the auto game.

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